Preparing You For The Unexpected

Incapacitation can strike swiftly after an accident, or slowly as your mental facilities decline. You can give someone the legal authority to act on your behalf using a powers of attorney document.

Having powers of attorney documents in place means they are ready to be used in the event of an emergency or a significant decline in abilities. This allows your loved ones to avoid the lengthy court process of legally establishing guardianship or conservatorship if you cannot express your wishes or make sound decisions.

Ensure the personal details regarding your health and finances remain private and that you are prepared for the unexpected with help from the estate planning attorneys at Kenneth E. Devore & Associates.

Acting On Your Behalf Medically And Financially

A health care powers of attorney document gives someone the authority to make medical decisions for you if you are unconscious or incapacitated. These are often serious decisions. Your powers of attorney document should include detailed information regarding end-of-life care and measures you want to be used to extend your life if it is unlikely that you will recover or regain consciousness.

A financial powers of attorney document allows you to appoint an agent to handle your finances in the event you cannot make sound decisions. The agent must act in your best interests. A financial powers of attorney document can remain in effect temporarily until you regain your mental facilities or permanently if you are unlikely to recover.

One thing to note, you can use a special powers of attorney document to give someone the authority to act on your behalf only in certain situations.

Let Us Help You Make Critical Decisions Now

Decisions made in the event of an emergency or incapacitation are often critical and have long-lasting consequences, both intentional and unintentional. You do not want your health or finances left in the care of strangers, but you must formally transfer decision-making authority in advance to prevent this. We can help you act now so you are ready in case the unexpected happens.

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