Firm Philosophy

To offer sophisticated estate planning solutions and practical estate and trust administration advice on par with the biggest and best firms in Los Angeles, with better responsiveness, a warmer experience, and at reasonable fees.

To make our philosophy a reality, we have done and continue to do the following:

  • Brought together a group of dedicated and talented attorneys, paralegals, and front office personnel and built an open and supportive office culture.
  • Developed systems and processes for every aspect of our practice.
  • Dedicated hours each week to improve the quality of our practice, including the client’s experience, our documents, our knowledge in the field, our technology, and our connections with other professionals in our community.
  • Made it our mission to explain estate planning concepts in the simplest terms possible and help clients understand their plan through clear and concise flowcharts and educational materials.
  • Taken the extra time to understand the client’s goals, psychology, and relationships with friends and family to best tailor the plan for success.

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