Sometimes, the administration of an estate can give rise to disputes among fiduciaries and beneficiaries. At Kenneth E. Devore & Associates, APC, our attorneys’ extensive knowledge of the complex underlying substantive law of trusts and estates allows us to successfully represent clients when such disputes arise.
Examples of trust and estate dispute resolution include the following:

  • Representing beneficiaries and Trustees with respect to alleged breaches of fiduciary duty, including but not limited to improper accountings, failure to administer the terms of a trust, or other violation of trust
  • Resolving disputes with respect to interpretation of the terms of a Trust or the validity of purported amendments
  • Contests of testamentary instruments involving allegations of undue influence, fraud, or lack of capacity
  • Proceedings for removal of a fiduciary

We seek to resolve disputed matters in the most efficient, cost-effective manner, while simultaneously staying sensitive to the emotional and psychological consequences of such disputes, particularly when family relationships are involved. Often, disputes can be successfully resolved in a formal or informal mediation setting. When necessary, we seek court intervention to protect our clients’ rights.

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